Interesting Financial Planning Statistics

Fun Statistics to see how you compare to rest of the U.S.

Financial Planning can sometimes be a pretty dry topic for some of us (not me of course), so here are some very interesting statistics about Americans, their savings habits, retirement plans, credit card use and other fascinating pieces of trivia.  What are the percentages of:

  • U.S. wealth owned by women?
  • Workers 45-54 that have less than $25,000 saved for retirement?
  • Workers 45-54 (that same group that has less than $25,000 saved) who plan to retire at 65?
  • Household debt as a percentage of personal disposable income?
  • Homes worth at least $1,000,000?
  • Average credit card balance in dollars?
  • Eligible participants who made use of the age catch-up provision for their employer-sponsored retirement plan?
  • Average amount American personally saved in June 2005?
  • Decline in Long-Term care policies purchased by Americans?
  • Number of companies selling Long-Term Care Insurance in 2005 versus 2001?

Here is the article that gives you the answers to these topics. There are a couple of other pieces of interesting information and fun tidbits about how emotions affect investment decisions and statistics about Registered Investment Advisors.


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