Vanguard Now the Nations Largest Mutual Fund Provider

I receive many publications every week, both on-line and hard copy, such as newsletters, blogs and magazines.  I scan for interesting and compelling articles and pass them on to you with commentary.

Last week the Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine had an in-depth article about Vanguard’s rise to the top.  I couldn’t agree more with their analysis and insights.

There are hundreds of Mutual Fund companies out there.  So how do you know which ones, what specific funds or how many to use?  You can search and search and analyze and analyze, but I have a way to simplify that task significantly.

Start your search with Vanguard first.  Just give me a call and I’ll help you.  I’m a virtual wiz at using their on-line site and research tools.  I have an advisor-exclusive access, which is available to all advisors everywhere, through and have all the necessary information about funds, at my fingertips.

Last year Vanguard became the largest, and in my opinion the best, mutual fund provider, surpassing Fidelity Investments.  I have used Vanguard accounts and Vanguard funds for many years and encourage all of my clients to at least consider using Vanguard.  As I see it, the reason that Vanguard is succeeding is that they have super-low fees,  expense ratios and no-load/no-fee funds, that are consistently competitively ranked against their peers and they have a toll-free client phone support service, called Vanguard Concierge Services, that is superb; no long waits, it’s here in America and they actually are experts AND actually are people; no recorded phone trees!

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